Online Help - Trading Partner Information


This page displays information about the logged in trading partner and their status information.

Trading Partner Information

Trading Partner ID

Displays the trading partner's unique identification number.
Trading Partner Type Displays the trading partner type.
Trading Partner Name Displays the trading partner's name.
Contact Address Displays the trading partner's contact address for the postal service.

Trading Partner Status

Certification Status

Displays the status of the trading partner's certification process.
Certification Date Displays the date the trading partner's certification was completed.
Termination Date Displays the termination date of the trading partner agreement.
997s Requested Indicates whether the trading partner has requested 997 functional acknowledgments for inbound EDI files.
Active Status Indicates whether the trading partner has an active or inactive status.  A trading partner must be active to submit and receive EDI transaction files.


View Contacts

Navigate to the Trading Partner Contacts page.
View Allowed Transactions Status Navigate to the Trading Partner Transactions Status page.