Online Help - Upload EDI Transaction Files


This functionality allows you to upload new EDI transaction files.  You also have the option to search for and view previously submitted transactions.

Entry Fields

Processing Status

The transaction status for the file. This status will be either Test or Production based on the environment being used.

Transaction Type

Select the transaction type for the file you wish to upload.  All your active, non-terminated transactions with an effective date on or prior to today are listed.

Field Required.

File Name Enter the name of the file you wish to upload.  The file name must be unique for each file upload.

You may browse for the file by clicking on the Browse button next to the field.

Field Required.


Upload File

Uploads your EDI transaction file. Button is disabled until a file name is entered. Upload times will vary based on connection speed and the size of the file. The status of the upload process can be seen in the Upload status bar.

A message will be displayed once the file has been successfully uploaded. A unique tracking number will also be assigned and can later be used to check the status of the file.


View Uploaded Transaction Files

Navigate to the Uploaded EDI Transaction Files page.