Online Help - Download EDI Transaction Files


This functionality allows you to search for and download EDI transaction files.

You can select the files you wish to download by selecting one or more filter criteria. The results will include transaction files that meet all the entered search criteria. There are default selections for any required criteria.

Entry Fields

Transaction Status

The transaction status for the file. This status will be either Test or Production based on the environment being used.

Transaction Type

Select the transaction type for the file you wish to download.  All your transaction types are listed.

Field Required.

Download Status

Select a file download status. Options are Downloaded, New or All.

Field Required.

Process Dates (From, To)

Enter a range of process dates. Files will be returned that were processed between the entered dates. If only a From date is entered, all files processed on that date or later will be returned. If only a To date is entered, all files processed on that date or prior will be returned.

You may select a date from an interactive calendar by clicking on the calendar icon next to the field.

Field Optional.



Perform search for outbound EDI transaction files based on the entered search criteria.

Search Results Table

Search Criteria

Displays the selected criteria used when performing the search.

Column headers

Underlined columns headers can be used to sort the table information. Single click on the header to sort in ascending order. Click again for a descending sort.

Transaction Files

Displays the outbound transaction file name.
Type Displays the EDI transaction type of the outbound file.
Process Date Displays the process date of the outbound file. The table is initially sorted by process date.
Last Download Displays the latest download date of the outbound file. Blank if the file has not yet been downloaded.
Username Displays the user who was logged in to the Trading Partner Portal when the file was last downloaded.
download Initiates the download of the outbound file.  You have the option to Open or Save the file.
detail Navigates to the '997 Transaction File Details' page. Only displayed for 997 functional acknowledgement transaction files.